CMC Horch 853, 1937 yellow/black

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A masterpiece of architecture model: CMC Horch 853, 1937 yellow/black

Even today, this Horch seems as fascinating as it was during that time. In order to show its glamour to best advantage, CMC has chosen to produce it in large 1:12 scale. We now offer you a model car of extraordinary charisma, elegance and enduring value which testifies to our passion for detail.

Technical data of the CMC-model:
  1. Model: Precision model hand-assembled
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:12
  4. Item-No.: C-003
  5. Single parts: --.--
  6. Limited Edition: --.--
Model details:
  • The hand-made body of 0,6 mm thick sheet copper is a pioneering innovation in model making. Each and every body part is pressed in moulds and the parts are then soldered at the connecting points. In that way a torionally stiff, highly solid but nevertheless light model car is build whose unique technology sets new quality standards.
  • Detailed 8-cylinder-in-line-engine with auxiliary units and cabeling as well as Horch lettering
  • The hinged convertible top unfolds to close down on the upper metal frame of the windshield and stays in place by magnetic force
  • Seats covered with real and noble leather
  • Front screen with metal frame
  • Dashboard with hand-mounted round instruments with sharply outlined readable scales
  • Numerous control elements and switches
  • Side windows can be opened by means of a winder
  • Stainless steel wire spokes are inserted by hand in the metal rims of the wheels. The rear axle drive shafts of metal turned and have a fully functional universal joint
  • Carpeted trunk and floor
  • Swivelling carrier arms
  • Bumpers of metal with rubberabsorbers
Description of the original vehicle: The name of Horch was a synonym for noblesse, highest quality and aristocratic looks in automobile manufacturing ot that time. The Type 853 might have been the most remarkable model that the auto manufacurer from Zwickau presented to the public in 1937. The four-seat sport convertible, with its 5-litre engine, was the vehicle of choice for industrialists, actors, and government leaders - in short, High Society.

Technical data of the original vehicle:
  1. Engine: 8-cylinder-in-line-engine
  2. Displacement: 4,944 ccm
  3. Maximum output: 120 HP at 3,600 rpm
  4. Topspeed: 135 km/h
  5. Wheel base: 3,450 mm
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