CMC Bugatti T35 GP England #12 green

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A masterpiece of architecture model: CMC Bugatti T35 GP England #12
CMC Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix Nation Colour Projekt

Each CMC Colour Nation Bugatti model is individual characterized by the respective "country color" Numberplate and fictional race number. Likewise, different leather colors as well the movable driver's windshield with leather apron or protective grid.

Technical data of the CMC model:
  1. Model: Precision model hand-assembled
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Item-No.: M-100 B-002
  5. Color: green
  6. Driver: William Grover-Williams
  7. Parts: more than 967
  8. Limited Edition: 2000
Model car details:
  • Hand-assembled metal precision model made of more than 930 single parts
  • Authentic replication of the body, crafted true to scale
  • Side-mounted spare wheel, fastened with leather belts
  • Compact front axle of metal. Painted in a dull silver finish
  • Front wheel suspension in a typical Bugatti slanting position with positive wheel camber
  • Two-winged engine hood with perforated cooling louver. Hinged opening mechanism and two fastening leather belts
  • Metal chassis with ventilation slots perforated in the lower part of the car body longitudinally
  • Radiator grill and stone-chipping protection fence made of metal
  • Fully functional metal compound springs at the front and rear axle
  • Removable two-winged tank cap made of stainless steel
  • Highly detailed 8-cylinder in-line-engine, including all aggregates, cabling and pipes
  • The gearshift and handbrake lever outside of the cockpit allows for operational movement symbolically
  • Fitted rear view mirror fixed with acorn nuts
  • True-to-the-original replication of the steering box with worm gear
  • Double exhaust pipes made of metal
  • The metal starting crank handle can turn and rotate
  • True-to-the-original metal wheels with an aluminum assemblage, including the flange-mounted finned drum
  • Removable wheel with an authentic four-winged ring nut (each wheel assembled from 35 single parts)
  • Different tyre patterns for the front- and rear wheels
  • Seats and backrest are covered in real black leather
  • Steering wheel with metal spokes and a cord-wrapped rim
  • Authentically replicated dashboard in a metallic finish of geometric brush markings and complete with instruments and a magneto for fuel ignition.
  • Movable lever for the cockpit-hand oil pump
Special feature: Metal body screws custom-made in the famous Bugatti style. All body screws are positioned true to the original and secured by a stainless steel wire.

Description of the original vehicle: During the "Golden Twenties," the Bugatti Type 35 was the most successful race car as well as a favourite "toy" of gentlemen drivers. Daredevil drivers who could afford the expensive racing costs, proudly participated with their cars painted in national racing colours. A case in point was the Spanish drivers, whose cars were painted in yellow and red.
The Type 35, a masterpiece of Ettore Bugatti, did not fare well in the 1924 Grand Prix of France because of tire problems. During the following years, however, Bugatti was crowned with success over and over again.
Equipped with the Type 35, Bugatti had won twelve Grand Prix races by 1926 and was always the first to see the chequered flag of the Targa Florio each year between 1925 and 1929. They also dominated the “Grand Prix of Monaco” in 1929 and 1930.
Between 1924 and 1931, more than 300 Bugatti Type 35 left the "Usine Bugatti," all with an inline eight-cylinder engine that mostly had a 2-litre capacity. The last two versions 35TC and 35B had a 2.3-litre engine supercharged by a Roots compressor.
The horseshoe radiator grille and alloy cast wheels that stylised the Bugatti Type 35 became an icon of the era, whereas the bended front axle was deemed another prominent feature of the Bugatti cars.
The low total weight of 750kg and a fabulous gearbox amenable to swift shifting were the secrets of Ettore Bugatti’s passport to success, and he loved celebrating each race win with his team.
Let us re-visit the glorious history made by the Bugatti Type 35 with a high-end model made by CMC. Hand-assembled from more than 900 individual parts, this precision metal model recaptures the unique talent and style of Ettore Bugatti that led him to secure a place in the history of automobiles.
The black and white pictures in the contemporary archives are unable to do justice to all the colorful race cars of the 1920s and 1930s. Actually, since rules had it that each participating team must have its car(s) donned in a nation-specific color pattern, the starting field was usually a very bright, multi-colored scene.
The color pattern for England was dark green all over, as in our M-100 B-002. Piloted by William Grover-Williams, the green Bugatti T35 with starting number 12 won the championship of the 1929 Monaco Grand Prix.

Technical data of the original vehicle:
  1. 8-cylinder in-line-engine (double block)
  2. Overhead camshaft, 3 valves for each cylinder
  3. Two times Zenith-horizontal carburettor
  4. Displacement: 1,991 ccm
  5. Maximum output: approx. 95 hp ati 6.000 rpm
  6. Top speed: approx. 180 km/h
  7. Wheel base: 2,400 mm
  8. Total length: 3,700 mm
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Wrote by Patrick B. on 23.11.2020

Fin de collection

Superbe T35 qui devient rare à l'achat car sortie en 2013 et malgré 2000 ex. Toujours très satisfait de, je ne peux que continuer ma collection T35 Nation Colour Project chez eux, en espérant arriver à la collection complète.

Wrote by Jean-Pierre S. on 28.06.2013


Cette miniature ouvre une série unique en son genre : réunir sous une même marque l\'esprit des compétitions passées. Bravo CMC !

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