CMC Lancia D50, 1955 Rolling Chassis including base plate

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A masterpiece of architecture model: M-198 CMC Lancia D50, 1955 Rolling Chassis including base plate

Technical data of the CMC model:
  1. Model: Precision model hand-assembled
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Item-No.: M-198
  5. Parts: ---
  6. Limited Edition: 1,000
Model Description
  • Rolling chassis complete with an impressive tubular space frame
  • Drive chain with a highly-detailed engine and transmission integrated into a differential transaxle
  • Functional steering
  • Removable spoked wheels
  • Oilsystem replicated with oil coolers
Special features: Perfect metal replication of the sophisticated tubular space frame, which supports a light-weight alloy body designed by Vittorio Jano. The Rolling Chassis will be delivered together with an acrylic baseplate.

Description of the original vehicle: With the body panels removed, you can have a perfect sight on the sophisticated structure of the rigid tubular space frame. You can also see the highly detailed engine being a stressed member of the frame structure and the whole drive train of the Lancia D50. The CMC replica offers revealing looks into the interior of its cockpit and these parts of the suspension assemblage which was covered by the body panels otherwise. also clearly visible are details of the cooling system, the oil circulation and the driver's place.
A centerpiece in the front chassis is the impressive V8-engine with a maximum output of 260 hp mounted 12° to the left in the longitudinal axis. If featured the relocation and integration of the transmission to the rear axle as a block unit that came to be known as transaxle. This arrangement was motivated by the need to shift the weight balance towards the rear and down in height for aerodynamic virtues. Vented hydraulic drum brakes on all four wheels served to ensure a reliable and necessary delay when the car slowed down from a top speed to approximately 300 km/h.
Enjoy the fun of getting to know your favorite car much better than you think is ever possible.

CMC Legal Disclaimer The use of manufacturers’ names, symbols, type designations, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. It does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these manufacturers.
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Technical data of the original vehicle:
  1. Monoposto built on a tubular frame with free-standing wheels
  2. 2.5-litre V8 engine as a stressed member of the chassis
  3. Two valves per cylinder controlled by two overhead camshafts
  4. Dry sump oil lubrication
  5. Mixture preparation with four Solex PII double carburettors
  6. Dual ignition (two plugs per cylinder)
  7. Five-speed manual gearbox installed behind the driver
  8. Bore x stroke: 73.6 x 73.1 mm
  9. Displacement: 2,488 cc
  10. Maximum output: 260 HP at 8,000 rpm
  11. Top speed: 300 Km/h (depending on ratio)
  12. Wheelbase: 2,280 mm
  13. Track front/rear: 1,294 / 1,330 mm
  14. Total length: 3,570 mm
  15. Total width: 1,600 mm
  16. Total height: 1,001 mm
  17. Curb weight: 620 kg
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Wrote by Alberto B. on 31.10.2018

Lancia D50 Chassis

Excellent model. It is the right complement to the model with bodywork to fully appreciate all the technology of this extraordinary car.

Wrote by Alex S. on 19.10.2018

Tolles Model

Gefällt mir super

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