CMC Talbot-Lago Coupé Typ 150 C-SS Figoni & Falaschi "Teardrop", 1937-39, black

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A masterpiece of architecture model:
    M-166 CMC Talbot-Lago Coupé Typ 150 C-SS Figoni & Falaschi "Teardrop", 1937-39, black
Technical data of the CMC-model:
  1. Model: Assembled, handmade precision model
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Art.-No.: M-166
  5. Color: black
  6. Parts: ---
  7. Limited Edition: 1,500 pcs
Model Details:
  • Hand-assembled precision metal model, built from 1,488 single parts
  • True-to-scale, authentic replication of the "Teardrop"-bodywork, customized by the renowned French coachbuilders Figoni & Falaschi
  • Precisely designed vehicle-frame as metal construction
  • Openable engine-hood with real air-vents. Supporting rod keeps the engine-hood in opened position
  • True to the original, distinctive front end with headlights recessed into the bodywork and arranged behind a chromium-plated metal grid. Perfectly designed cooler grill made of metal
  • Functional metal-sunroof, easy to open
  • Elaborate, side body trim strips made of metal
  • Form-fitting cover of the rear wheels with crescent shaped fender skirts
  • Movable doors
  • Highly detailed replication of the 6-cylinder in-line engine with all aggregates, pipes and cabling
  • Perfectly-wired wheels with a light alloy rim, stainless steel spokes and nipples, Removable two-wing central locking nuts
  • Trunk lid has supporting rods on both sides and opens to reveal a removable spare-wheel
  • Seat bench and foldable backrest upholstered with leather
  • Meticulous replication of the dashboard with all instruments and controls
  • Elaborate undercarriage with an authentically-replicated powertrain
  • Brilliant paintwork in a contemporary greyish-blue color-shade
Description of the original vehicle:
    A happy circumstance came true when CMC was given access to an absolutely original Talbot-Lago "Teardrop" and were able to take its measurements. Our adrenaline was running high with the delightful anticipation and surging urge to replicate a masterpiece of automobile engineering, but we were also conscious of the challenging nature of such a project and the degree of commitment that it would require. After all, there is general consensus that this legendary automobile car belongs in a class that stands all by itself.

    With a body customized by the famous coachbuilder Figoni & Falaschi, the Talbot-Lago boasted an appearance that was virtually exorbitant. The car truly represented what we would call "a state of art" today. As Talbot debuted this coupe at the Paris Motor Show in 1937, spectators were almost taken by breathless excitement. Soon, the epithets "goutte d'eau" (water droplets) and "teardrop coupe" were coined. Both terms were never adopted in the official designation of the car, but they captured its unusual shape most aptly. This fascinating vehicle as well as its fine details stand evidence of a profound love for automobile styling and matching of accessories. Integrated with functionality, each line or curve is elegant without appearing pushy. The car constitutes a harmonious whole - from the slender front fenders to the chromed exhaust pipe in the rear. And the integration is complete with a luxurious interior, furnished with tastefully-processed fine wood and leather.

    Under the bonnet of the coupe is a six-cylinder in-line engine that generates an output of 140 – 160 hp, depending on the model type. A powerful torque guarantees an energetic drive and good acceleration. Less than 20 units were built between 1937-1939, and each differed in details that ranged from those barely perceptible to larger and flashier ones.

    Only about a quarter of these impressive vehicles are still known to exist today; they witnesses to a time gone by, when form was more important than it is today.
Technical data of the original vehicle:
  1. 4 liter 6-cylinder in-line engine
  2. Lightweight chassis
  3. Wilson 4-speed pre-selector gearbox
  4. Traverse leaf spring indempendet suspension at the front
  5. Rear axle with longitudinal leaf springs
  6. All-round cable drum brakes
  7. Engine displacement: 3.996 ccm
  8. Power, depending on model: 140 and 160 hp at 4.200/min
  9. Top speed: ca. 185 km/h
  10. Wheel base: 2.650 mm
  11. Track front: 1.360 (1.372) mm
  12. Track rear: 1.360 (1.461) mm
  13. Prduction period: 1937 - 1939
  14. Number of pieces: 16 untis