CMC Mercedes-Benz W25, 1934

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A masterpiece of architecture model: CMC Mercedes-Benz W25, 1934

A myth is born....the first Silver Arrow on the race track.

Technical data of the CMC-Model:
  1. Model: Hand-mounted precision model
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Item-No.: M-065
  5. Single parts: more than 610
  6. Limited Edition: 3000
Model details:
  • Hand-mounted precision model made of more than 610 individual parts
  • Hand-made cooler grill of stainless steel, with flat transverse bars soldered to the upright bars and a cooler mesh mounted in the background
  • Cockpit seat covered with textile
  • Tankverschlussklappe kann geöffnet werden
  • Dashboard of stainless steel with marbled surface and hand-assembled instruments
  • Exhaust manifold of metal with highly finished chrome finish
  • New-generation removable wheel assemblage that consists of aluminium rim, stainless-steel spokes, an central knock-off nut
  • Removable engine hood with finely-cut cooler slits and spring-loaded locking hooks
  • Authentic replication of the 8-cylinder inline engine with vivid details
Description of the original vehicle: To stage a comeback in Grand-Prix racing, Mercedes-Benz had to build a completely new racing car without exceeding the new maximum weight limit of 750 kg. They created a raffish and, for its time, aerodynamic vehicle. The car was equipped with a cantilevered headrest an a sidewise-installed exhaust pipe system. With all this, the W25 was born.
A supercharged 8-cylinder inline engine with an output of 354 hp was the reason why this car had more than enough power and an unbelievable acceleration that put to shame all its competitors, such as Auto Union, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and Maserati.
The W25 made its debut at the Nürburgring on June 3rd, 1934. With Manfred von Brauchitsch at the wheels, it became the winner of dthe first race, namely, Eifel race.
That day entered into racing history as the birthday of the Silver Arrows. According to many publications, the W25 was originally painted in white. But the car was one kilogram too heavy. Unless its weight was reduced to 750 kg or less, there would be no racing for the W25. So the Mercedes team was looking for ways of shedding its weight and getting the car cleared for the start line. They enventually came up with the idea of scraping the paint. As a result, the car appeared in its aluminium body of a shiny silver. With the car allowed to start, a great victory and a legend were born!
Lately, there has been discussion in regard to how the W25 actually acquired its silvery outlook. It means that there is doubt about the truth of the story above. We say, let the experts do their research. The CMC GmbH just wants to display how the first appearance of the W25 looked like. Judge by yourself, but we think the white colour looks pretty good on him.
If you are also interested in the silvery version of the W25, feel free to order it, its item number being M-033.

Technical data of the original vehicle:
  1. Engine: 8-cylinder-in-line-engine
  2. Four valves per cylinder, regulated by two overhead camshafts
  3. Roots compressor
  4. Bore / Stroke: 78 / 88 mm
  5. Displacement: 3,360 ccm
  6. Maximum output: 354 hp at 5,800 rpm
  7. Topspeed: up to 290 km/h
  8. Wheelbase: 2,717 (2,464) mm
  9. wheel track front/rear: 1,473 / 1412 mm
  10. Single wheel suspension in the front
  11. Independent axle in the rear with a four gear transmission block
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