CMC Mercedes-Benz SSKL, Anniversary Model "15 years CMC"

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A masterpiece of architecture model: CMC Mercedes-Benz SSKL Anniversary Model "15 years CMC"

CMC is known for manufacturing high-end replicas that are true to minute details and built of premium materials. This new SSKL is designed to show the premium materials used: Zinc alloy, brass, copper, aluminium, tin plate, stainless steel, rubber, leather and so on. To this end, the replica must be left unpainted. That is what CMC did for this limited edition, except that the body is protected with a clear coat.
The SSKL limited edition is dedicated to CMC's 15th anniversary as a token of our gratitude to all customers and friends for being so loyal to the CMC brand over the years. We will persist in our pursuit of excellence so that CMC can live up to your expectations.
This model is delivered with a showcase.

Technical data of the CMC model:
  1. Model: Precision model hand-assembled
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Item-No.: M-087
  5. Parts: 1.885
  6. Limited Edition: 2,000 pcs
Model details:
  • Just a clear coat is protecting this model which contains 1,885 single parts
  • The dashboard is complete with instrumentation
  • Leather steering wheel and seats
  • Folding top is covered in leather
  • Spare wheels fastened with a toggle screw
  • Stainless steel tank cap that can flap open and close
  • Exhaust pipes of flexible metal hoses
  • Double-leaf engine hood with louvres and filigree hinges
  • Running board for the spare fuel can and the tool box that includes some miniature tools
Description of the original vehicle: In 1931, both Alfa Romeo and Bugatti became tough competitors against Mercedes-Benz. As a Counter-measure Mercedes developed a light-weight version of the "White Elephant" originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The nickname referred to the unbelievable power, bulky size, and white painting of the vehicle. It shed an unbelievable 125 kilograms by having holes drilled in all parts of the frame that were not safety-related. The lightened SSK became the SSKL.
A storm of sensation arose in April 1931. For the first time a non-Italian won the world-famous Mille Miglia. Driving his Mercedes-Benz SSKL, Rudolf Caracciola won a victory of historic proportion. This victory seems even more amazing since Caracciola had received inadequate support from Mercedes due to the ongoing global economic crisis.

Technical data of the original vehicle:
  1. Six cylinder in-line-engine with overhead camshaft
  2. Compressor that can be activated when required
  3. Displacement: 7,059 ccm
  4. Maximum output: 240 hp (without compressor), 300 hp (with compressor) at 3.300 rpm
  5. Top speed: 235 km/h
  6. Wheel base: 2,950 mm
  7. Total length: 4,250 mm
  8. Track front: 1,470 mm
  9. Track rear: 1,460 mm
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Wrote by Jean-Pierre S. on 07.01.2011


Superbe modèle. Un chef d'œuvre que tout véritable collectionneur doit posséder. C'est tout le savoir-faire et l'expérience de CMC qui ressort ici.

Wrote by Antonio S. on 08.12.2010

CMC Mercedes-Benz SSKL, Mille Miglia, 1931 15 éme anniversaire

Cette Mercedes Benz dans sa version 15 éme anniversaire sans peinture seulement vernie est tout simplement magnifique. CMC montre tout son savoir faire avec un réalisme saisissant, depuis le moteur avec les échappements protégés jusqu'à la ‘boîte d’outils’ avec clefs, tournevis et marteau. Tout est réalisé identique à l’original. Comme d’habitude un sans faute de la part de CMC, merci pour cette superbe réalisation.

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