CMC Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, red metallic, leather black

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A masterpiece of architecture model:CMC Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, red metallic, leather black

This treffic supersportscar represents in the truest sense of the word a new "star" in the current history of sports cars.
Technical data of the CMC model:
  1. Model:Diecast, precision metal model hand-assembled
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Item-No.: M-045A
  5. Parts: 895
  6. Limited Edition: --.--
Model details:
  • Handmounted full metal model. Built of more than 895 parts
  • Beside two standard paintings, you can choose between four more special paintings
  • Interiour with especially for the SLR developed soft Silver-Arrow-Leather. Three different leather colours (red, black, gray) harmonised to the painting
  • Display of the engine hood and the rear spoiler (air brake) in a complete new advanced manufacturing technology. Made of pressed copper plate
  • Base plate made of stabel metal and realisation of the aerodynamic base plate concept with exactly replication of the six-channel-diffusor as ending element
  • Dual transverse control arm. Axels of metal with functional suspension
  • Fantastic miniaturisation of the complete Mercedes-AMC-V-8-Compressor-Engine with all aggregates, complete cabeling
  • Movable engine-hood with a costly hinge construction. Motion sequence of opening an closing, built after the original
  • Consequent replication of the gullwing doors with original bindet hinge on the front roof pillar
  • Movable spoiler and airbrake integrated into the trunk deck
  • Costly manueal prodution of the prominent side gills and the with gills populated airinlets of the engine hood made of filigrane single metal parts
  • Sidepipes made of metal
  • Movable tank flap
  • Metal Rails with graven SLR-writing on the entrance
  • Exact display of the wheels in laborious steel casting. High class polished turbine blades with integrated valve at the wheel rim
  • Detailled replication of the Bi-Xenon lights and the rear lightning with by hand implemented LED imitations
  • Padded bucket seats and all other interior also made of the original SLR Silver-Arrow-Leather
Description of the original vehicle: With that dream sports car of superlatives, Mercedes McLaren tieds up to the track record of the SLR of the 50's and understood in its very own way to build a bridge between past an present.
In that way SLR is connecting the myth of the old Silver Arrows with the hightech of the current Formula 1 - bolids.

Extravagant elegance, unbelievable power, extraordinary riding qualities, highest comfort but also the highest possible safety, that's the philosophie of a Gran Turismo for the 21st Century.
The untouchable superiority of the SLR imparts the driver the feeling of freedom and adventure. That's the way motoring is ment to be - kilometer by kilometer.

The SLR McLaren is built in a new factory of McLaren Cars in Woking/GB. Only something like 500 units each year are scheduled. That means in a production period of seven years a total quantity of 3500 cars.
Technical data of the original car:
  1. Enigne: 8 cylinder-V- engine
  2. Screw-type compressor
  3. Displacement: 5,439 ccm
  4. Power output:460 kW/626 PS at 6.500 rpm
  5. Acceleration 0-100 km/h:3,8 s
  6. Top speed: 334 km/h
  7. Wheel base: 2,700 mm
  8. Total length: ca. 4,656 mm