CMC Bugatti Typ 57 SC Atlantic Coupé blue, 1938 Chassis-Nr. 57.591 (R.B. Pope)

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A masterpiece of architecture model:CMC Bugatti Typ 57 SC Atlantic Coupé blue, 1938 Chassis-Nr. 57.591 (R.B. Pope)
One of the most beautiful and noble cars in automotive history.

For quite some time, experts all agree that the Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic Coupé belongs in the most beautiful cars that were ever built. Its streamlined body is a classic of engineering decorative art. Only three vehicles of this fascinating sports car have been manufactured. In spite of this, you can own such a beauty, albeit in the form of an exquisite miniature. You will be surprised how it does justice the original.

Our original was the third and last produced Atlantic, delivered in May 1938 to the English businessman R.B. Pope. He kept the car for nearly 30 years. CMC spared no cost and effort to find out and realize all single details of R.B. Pope`s original car and transferred them to this model. Only a person without any petrol it its blood could resist this phenomenal replica. Words are just not enough to describe this beauty. Grant yourself this extraordinary collector`s item of stable value and explore its countless highlights.
Technical data of the model CMC Bugatti Atlantic:
  1. Model: Precision metal model hand-assembled
  2. Manufacturer: CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
  3. Scale: 1:18
  4. Item-Nr.: M-083
  5. Parts: more than 1700
  6. Limited Editon: --.--
CMC Bugatti Atlantic model details:
  • CMC precision metal model hand-assembled of more than 1,700 parts
  • Authentic and true-to-scale replication of a two-seat coupe body with doors retracting into the roof
  • Elegantly-styled door design with three hinges. Lower door guidance bar with a fully funtional sliding mechanism
  • Precisely scaled and replicated metal frame
  • Double-winged engine hood. Functional hinged sides. Lateral airinlets are covered with fine mesh grilles made of metal
  • Opened engine hood wings rest on special metal pins with a collar
  • A true-to-the original recplication of the dorsal seam on the roof and mudguards with the characteristic rivet structure
  • Perfectly recreated radiator grille, which is made of metal with a mirror-like finish. the Bugatti badge is affixed seperately
  • Faithfully-scaled replication of the front, side, and rear windows. All windows are framed in stainless steel. Offset windshield wipers on the front window
  • Highly detailed 8-cylinder in-line engine with two overhead cam shafts and complete with all aggregates, pipes and cabling
  • Perfectly replicated wheels with aluminium rims and hand-mounted stainless steel spokes on nipples. The wheels are fastened with a removable central locking nut
  • Cooler and tank latches can be opened
  • Realistically replicated cockpit, leather seats and door interior. The door interior lining is sewn with functional pockets
  • Authentic replication of the dashboard with all instruments and controls
  • Complex undercarriage that includes the exhaust pipes made of stainless steel and a true-to-the-original underbody plate of metal with air louvres
Description of the original vehicle Bugatti Atlantic: The development of the Atlantic Coupé was intellectually indebted to Ettore Bugatti's son, Jean. Only 26 years old, he came up with a masterpiece that made automobile history. What he presented was a design that had never been seen before, and it outshined anything else. The car has upheld its halo and fascination to this day. By the way, the dorsal seam that goes from its wind shield to the rear end, is just a style element. It`s reminiscent of the seam that held the two body half of the prototype car "Aerolithe" together.

But not only the appearance of the sports car caused a lot of attention. The Atlantic-Coupé was one of the most powerful cars of its time in the world. The 3.3 litre 8-cylinder in-line-engine and two overhead cam shafts became powered by a compressor. Approximately 200 hp accelerated the car to sensational 200 km/h.

But how did the Atlantic received his name? Well, it`s a common assumption that Jean Bugatti chose this name to honor his adored sculptor and pilot Jean Mermoz. He tried to cross the South-Atlantic in 1936 by plane and disappeared without a trace.
Technical data of the original vehicle Bugatti Atlantic:
  1. Motor: 8-cylinder in-line-engine with two overhead cam shafts
  2. Compressor (Roots-Supercharger)
  3. Dry sump lubrication
  4. Mechanical cable-operated brakes
  5. Displacement: 3,257 ccm
  6. Maximum output: approx. 200 hp at 5.500 rpm
  7. Top speed: approx. 200 km/h
  8. Total length: 4,410 mm
  9. Wheel base: 2,980 mm


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Wrote by Antonio S. on 22.07.2011

CMC Bugatti Typ 57 SC Atlantic Coupé Bleu, 1938 Châssis N° 57.591 (R.B.Pope)

Pour une deuxième Bugatti dans la gamme CMC ce modèle est une réussite, tout est à l’identique au modèle original depuis l’intérieur, les essuies vitres, la reproduction du moteur avec son câblage et cette couleur bleue si particulière. Non seulement le modèle est magnifique et de plus nous serons comblés avec la version restaurée ( propriété de Ralph Laurent ) qui est prévue aussi .\r\nMerci CMC pour ces magnifiques réalisations.\r\n

Wrote by Jean-Pierre S. on 12.06.2011

Le meilleur de chez CMC

Comme d\'habitude CMC nous a préparé un merveilleux modèle. Vous admirerez les détails : le ressort de rappel au niveau des portières, la finition \"cuir\" et la peinture particulièrement réussie.

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